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Discover the Breakthrough Hypnosis Formula to Overcome Your Weight Issues

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Discover What's Stops You

It’s hard to quit negative eating habits when you don’t understand what’s running them. Angela will show you why you overeat and how to stop.

Maintaining Weight Loss

It's one thing to lose your weight but to maintain it so it doesn't return is the key to success. Learn the top 3 ways to maintaining the weight you desire.

6 Emotional Eating Types

Learn the six emotional eating types and how to unlock them so you lose weight and keep it off for good... never to return!

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What Others Have Said About Us...

"this is exactly what i was looking for"

Best decision ever. Angela’s program assisted me, not just through my weightloss journey but also through my mental health challenges. . All of this was fixed through my time on Angela’s program. I lost 8kg in 3 months and in total 46.5cm with a much healthier life style. Angela has provided me with a lot of insight to nutrition and the importance of healthy choices. I no longer craved for sugary foods and drinks, my gut health had drastically improved and my energy levels picked up, which drove a more positive exercise regime. Being on the program helped me reduce portion size, I stopped eating the junk food, not because I had to but my craving where not there. Angela has been very supportive through out this program and will be thankful for our paths that crossed. It’s been 3 months since I have been on my own and have managed to maintain my weight and newly adopted life style. I would recommend Angela and her program on offer to anyone who is looking to achieve a much healthier and fitter you.”


"i couldn't be more grateful"

Before my session with Angela, I had no values whatsoever for life. I was overweight, unhealthy, upset all the time and angry at the world. I had no value for anything, no self love, no self worth, no nothing.

After I did my first recording with Angela, my whole thought process changed. After the 21 days, I couldn’t believe it. I want to wake up today, I want to do this, I’m not going to let this affect me. I’m going to be strong and powerful. I’m going to do it! Honestly, it’s helped me so much today. I’ve lost 25 kgs.

– Mikaela

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