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Rapid Transformation Therapy

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Conquer Menopause

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How to get anything you want!

Meet Angela

Angela Holloway is an author of “Conquer Menopause, life coach and speaker, she is the founder and creator of special Sweaties Sleepwear for night sweats and is a Certified Hypnotherapist and licensed Advanced Rapid Transformational Therapist.

Angela has been extremely passionate and dedicated to helping women over the world for the past eight years.

Angela specialises in helping and coaching menopausal women, but all works with women with many other life issues. She helps them create their new life to live, healthier, happier, more fulfilled life.

What Clients Are Saying



I Have Lost 25 Kilos!

After I did my first recording with Angela, my whole thought process changed. After the 21 days, I couldn’t believe it. I want to wake up today, I want to do this, I’m not going to let this affect me. I’m going to be strong and powerful. I’m going to do it! Honestly, it’s helped me so much today . . . Mikaela

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More Confidence, self-esteem and self-worth!

THANK YOU for helping me to IMMENSELY shift and clear some really dark energies, emotions, beliefs, vibrations and frequencies that have been existing for quite some time. I feel different. I know I am different. Thank you for facilitating my release. I will never, ever again go back and be back at that point of pain and suffering. I will never allow that to happen to me again. . Thank you…. Alexis

Off Dangerous Medication!

I had the most amazing results with Angela. She was able to get to the root cause of my back pain through hypnosis. I’ve now been able to ween myself from dangerous medication that I’ve been taking for 9 years! Thank you Angela, you’re an amazing therapist… Lynda


Angela Delivers Fast Results!

I had a wonderful RTT session with Angela Holloway; Angela immediately made me feel that she was able to safely, and competently, change my limiting beliefs around business confidence. From the very beginning of the session, her caring and intuitive approach were evident and I had no doubt that I would have a tremendous result, and I have… I have found that I no longer focus on the limitations, I have recovered my Joie de vivre and have a renewed child-like excitement for life, something that had been squeezed out of me from years of believing that things weren’t available to me. If anyone is not content with certain aspects of their life the best gift they can give to themselves is to have a RTT session with one of the most talented RTT Therapists: Angela Holloway… Tia

RTT is a stand alone therapy. It is the combination of unique techniques combined with hypnotherapy, that get to the root cause of a extensive variety of issues, working deep with the sub-conscious mind.


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with Angela Holloway

Rapid Transformational Therapy Session

The fastest way to get your life back on track!

Rapid Transformational Therapy is a hybrid therapy, that offers unparalleled results; combining the most beneficial principles of Hypnotherapy, NLP, Psychotherapy & Cognitive Behavioral Therapies.

Conquer Menopause

Get Your Life Back On Track!

You have been diagnosed menopausal, now what? Where do you go from here? How do you get your loved ones to understand? How do you get your life back on track? This book will answer these questions and many more.

Life Coaching

Get what you want faster and easier with your own personal coach!

Understanding is power & that’s why anyone ever gets a coach… to understand, in order to get there faster. Angela Holloway works with your private voice within to bring out your inner success patterns. Patterns that bring you the success you are looking for. Eliminate the stress and anxiety of not knowing and engage a professional to assist you to build your achievement factor.
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