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Angela Holloway is author of Conquer Menopause, life coach and speaker. She is the founder and creator of special Sweaties Sleepwear for night sweats, a Certified Hypnotherapist and licensed Advanced Rapid Transformational Therapist.

For the past eight years, Angela has been extremely passionate and dedicated to helping women all over the world through her books and coaching.

Angela helps women get their freedom back whether they are experiencing menopause or their personal life issues.

Angela helps them to understand what it is that has been holding them back through special techniques and hypnosis. She then supports them to create and implement long lasting positive changes for the life they desire.

On a personal note Angela enjoys her life with her loving husband, beautiful children and adorable grandchildren.

She loves to stay fit and healthy. Angela eats a healthy well balanced diet, loves to do yoga, going to the gym, swimming and walking.

It keeps her mind and body healthy and active.

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