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Proven Ways To Control Menopause Faster!

Diagnosed Menopausal, now What?

Some Topics Covered in the book

the menopause experience

Sex and Menopause, How Long Menopause Lasts, Changes You Can Expect, Weight Gain

lack of sleep and menopause

Sleepless Nights, Medicatons and Sleeping, Night Sweats, Foods to Avoid, Restless Leg Syndrome

Hot Flashes

Hot Flash Experience, What Causes Hot Flashes, How Long Do They Last, How To Relieve Them.

Get Your Life Back On Track Today!

80% of women experience Menopause symptoms

About Author

Angela Holloway

Angela Holloway is a certified Therapist and Advanced Rapid Transformational Hyphnotherapist.

Angela was blessed to receive the inspiration to help women worldwide from her own surprising experience with menopause. Since then she has dedicated her life to helping others find their new life, live more fully and follow their dreams. To begin her quest, she founded Sweaties Sleepwear and wrote Conquer Menopause to teach emerging menopausal women how to have more control , a new lease on life and be an inspiration to their family and other people in their life.

"There is nothing to compare to the love, strength and uniqueness of a woman ."

understand menopause

Proven Ways To conquer menopause Faster!

Not understanding what you are going through, not only brings you stress but also the loved ones around you. 

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