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In May 2020, I was at my lowest point. I suffer from depression and anxiety. I have graves disease and am dealing with a extremely stressful family court situation involving my ex partner. My diet consisted of basically chocolate and junk while I gave my kids a colourful plate of healthy foods. All of this coupled with no family or friends in W.A. no support network of any kind. After getting on the scales one morning and hitting my heaviest weight in my life, 91.6kg, I was shattered. Then I found Angela and her Rapid Transformation Therapy. Well what can I say. Her support has been amazing. Her energy encouraging and best of all her Therapy helped me in more ways than one. I no longer stress eat, despite the tremendous stress I am under and the constant abuse I receive from my ex partner. I would recommend anyone struggling to loose weight to stop waiting. Make the call, start your weightloss journey today! From 91.6kg to a much healthier 68.9kg in 6 short months!
When I first contacted Angela I really wasn’t sure what to expect. I have never done hypnosis before but I did some research leading up to our first session and I felt this was for me as I was looking for a change that would become my new normal. I am 48 and I had been struggling to lose the 6kg of weight that I had slowly put on over the previous 12 months. I noticed subtle changes after our first session and I was amazed by how simply my mind adapted, nothing in my weight loss journey has been difficult with Angela’s support. The constant noise in my head and negative self talk about the way I looked has disappeared completely. I feel more confident, I have more energy and I am being kinder to myself. After about a month I decided to continue with Life Coaching sessions with Angela and these have been hugely beneficial. I have achieved the goals I set for myself in a short period of time and I am still improving and achieving. I aimed to be a more productive and organised person in my daily life and to improve my public speaking skills - Angela has supported and encouraged me every step of the way. I am so grateful and happy with my results. If you are considering using hypnotherapy for weight loss (or anything else), I cannot recommend Angela highly enough. If it is Life Coaching in certain areas of your life, give it a go, you will not be disappointed, this is an extremely worthwhile life investment. Begin with an open mind and have faith that Angela can help you to improve the areas in your life that you wish to change. Angela is a fantastic listener, she is empathetic, encouraging and wise, she will help you to achieve your goals.
“I had totally given up hope of recovering from early trauma that was affecting my ability to lose weight and get back on top of my health. Since having my son and suffering complex PND and anxiety, I was eating way too much and felt hungry all the time. After just one session with Angela, I lost around 4kg in about 3 weeks and have now lost a total of 11kg in two months. Thank you Angela for helping me get my life back!” Thanks again, it really helped me so much! Cheers, Anna
I was at a turning point in my life. I was not in a good place at all. I was 54 years of age and my wife and I had just separated after many years of marriage. It was now only my son Daniel who was 17 and myself. I was rapidly putting on weight and not feeling healthy at all. I also lost confidence and direction in my life. I felt quite lost. I had gone from being a vegan, eating healthy food to eating a disgusting diet of junk food, lollies and chips. I came across Angela’s details and contacted her and I am so glad I did, because it was very clear to me after my first consultation with Angela that this was a positive step for me. After my consultation, Angela created my own personal recording which I listen to daily. I also received a meal journal to keep a track of everything I was eating. Angela was only phone call away whenever I needed her. Now three months later I am back to eating heathy nutritional food, I am happy to say I have lost almost 10 kg’s. I’m going to the gym, feeling fit, happy and healthy again. Angela you made such a difference to my life at a time when I needed it. I will be forever grateful for all your kindness, help, support and encouragement.
Before my session with Angela, I had no values whatsoever for life. I was overweight, unhealthy, upset all the time and angry at the world. I had no value for anything, no self love, no self worth, no nothing. After I did my first recording with Angela, my whole thought process changed. After the 21 days, I couldn’t believe it. I want to wake up today, I want to do this, I’m not going to let this affect me. I’m going to be strong and powerful. I’m going to do it! Honestly, it’s helped me so much today
Angela is gentle and caring | Most amazing session! | Things are changing | They are happening! | Most unbelievable experience! | Go for it! | Angela will transform your life… 
Angela is fantastic, she is warm, generous and gentle in her approach to the RTT session. I felt supported throughout the session, she was always there for me on my journey and I would highly recommend her. Such quick results after one session, i am amazed at how much has changed.
Angela was a great choice for my therapist as she has such a gentle, caring nature. really listened and clarified exactly what I was wanting. After just one RTT session I noticed changes within myself that I didn't have to consciously think about, which was just amazing. Especially since I had been doing these behaviours for a very long time. I highly recommend Angela. You're sure to love her too.
new south wales
I reached out to Angela when I was at a very low point in my life. She is very warm and caring and her methods helped me enormously. I am very grateful to her.
Western Australia
I had the most amazing result with Angela, she was able to get to root cause of my back pain using the regression technique and I’m now been able to ween myself dangerous medication that I’ve been tacking for 9 years. Thank you Angela you’re an amazing Therapist.
THANK YOU for helping me to IMMENSELY shift and clear some really dark energies, emotions, beliefs, vibrations and frequencies that have been existing for quite some time. I feel different. I know I am different. Thank you for facilitating my release. I will never, ever again go back and be back at that point of pain and suffering. I will never allow that to happen to me again. I will never again feel and be helpless, worthless and powerless. I will never be her again. I feel empowered because I am. The pain of the deceit is still there but it's fading because I'm choosing to love me more because I'm worth it. Thank you..
I had a session with the lovely Angela today and wanted to leave a bit of feedback for anybody considering working with her, JUST DO IT! Angela is understanding, warming, considerate and although it is just day 1 of my session, I have been relaxed, calm and really feeling positive. I will report back after the 21st day BUT by all accounts, make the investment in yourself - Angela delivers results!
Western Australia
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