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Before my session with Angela, I had no values whatsoever for life. I was overweight, unhealthy, upset all the time and angry at the world. I had no value for anything, no self love, no self worth, no nothing.

After I did my first recording with Angela, my whole thought process changed. After the 21 days, I couldn’t believe it. I want to wake up today, I want to do this, I’m not going to let this affect me. I’m going to be strong and powerful. I’m going to do it! Honestly, it’s helped me so much today . . . 

Mikaela (second testimonial)

Angela is gentle and caring | Most amazing session! | Things are changing | They are happening! | Most unbelievable experience! | Go for it! | Angela will transform your life… 


After my session with Angela, my life has changed for the best. I have focused on the good things however small and my mindset has changed to be positive. She has helped me get to the core root of my anxiety and taught me how to conquer it. After all this Angela still messages me every week to see how I am going and discuss any problems I am facing with my life. I have never been this confident and happy in my life


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