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RTT is stand alone therapy. It is the combination of unique techniques combined with hypnotherapy, that
get to the root cause of a extensive variety of issues, working deep with the sub-conscious mind.

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What my clients say

After my session with Angela, my life has changed for the best. I have focused on the good things however small and my mindset has changed to be positive. She has helped me get to the core root of my anxiety and taught me how to conquer it. After all this Angela still messages me every week to see how I am going and discuss any problems I am facing with my life. I have never been this confident and happy in my life
Angela was a great choice for my therapist as she has such a gentle, caring nature. really listened and clarified exactly what I was wanting. After just one RTT session I noticed changes within myself that I didn't have to consciously think about, which was just amazing. Especially since I had been doing these behaviours for a very long time. I highly recommend Angela. You're sure to love her too.
Angela is fantastic, she is warm, generous and gentle in her approach to the RTT session. I felt supported throughout the session, she was always there for me on my journey and i would highly recommend her. Such quick results after one session, i am amazed at how much has changed.
I had the most amazing result with Angela, she was able to get to root cause of my back pain using the regression technique and I’m now been able to ween myself dangerous medication that I’ve been tacking for 9 years. Thank you Angela you’re an amazing Therapist.
I reached out to Angela when I was at a very low point in my life. She is very warm and caring and her methods helped me enormously. I am very grateful to her.
I had a session with the lovely Angela today and wanted to leave a bit of feedback for anybody considering working with her, JUST DO IT! Angela is understanding, warming, considerate and although it is just day 1 of my session, I have been relaxed, calm and really feeling positive. I will report back after the 21st day BUT by all accounts, make the investment in yourself - Angela delivers results!
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