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Weight Gain and Menopause

Many women report they experience weight gain during their menopause years. To have weight gain during menopause, can have serious health complications for you.

Health Complications through weight gain
Weight gain can increase the risk of heart disease, type two diabetes and various types of cancers. You may also become depressed as a result of weight gain. Research show that woman is at 57% greater risk of getting colon cancer if she has excess body fat around her abdomen. Fat also stores bad toxins which is not healthy for you. If a woman is over weight she is at 30% greater risk of getting cancer, that is as high as a woman that smokes.

Stress can also play a big role in weight gain so make sure you keep your stress to a minimum.

Depression and weight gain
A woman can go through a lot during menopause, but if she starts to gain weight she can become quite depressed and over whelmed by it, She not only feels uncomfortable within herself and in her clothes, but she sees herself in the mirror and she can see how she looks in her clothes as they become tighter and tighter on her. This can make her menopause experience even worse.

Combination of healthy diet and exercise to prevent weight gain
We do not only need to look at the food we eat, but it is vital we perform regular exercise to avoid weight gain. There are so many health groups now for more mature people, so know matter where you live you can join a health group. There will be information in your local news paper,your local council will be able to inform you where to go. You will also be able to search on the internet for venues.

If you do not enjoy group activities there are plenty of dvds and videos you can purchase to do in the privacy of your own home. You can also invite friends to come over and join you. They to may not want to avoid weight gain and not enjoy doing it in public. Many women become lonely, as they become older. Exercising is a great way to meet new people.

Hormones and weight gain
The hormonal changes in a woman during menopause could make you more likely to have weight gain around your abdomen than around your hips and thighs. Our metabolic rate also slows down as we age, so we can’t burn the calories off as quick as we could when our bodes were younger.

Genetic factors and weight gain
Genetic factors also can play a role in menopause and weight gain. If your parents, siblings or other close relatives carry extra weight around the abdomen, you’re likely to do the same. It is very important to lead a healthy life style, as we get older to help not gain weight. As mentioned earlier, our metabolic rate becomes slower, which means we burn off the fat a lot slower.

As mentioned at the beginning of this article it can have serious health complications when we have weight gain during menopause. Weight gain is not healthy at any age especially as we get older. Seek professional help from your health care practitioner, natural therapist or visit your local health food store.

More Information on weight gain
If you would like to learn more on weight gain and other menopause symptoms, and how to live a healthier and happier life during your menopause years, you are welcome to purchase my book online click here

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